[ECG] - Basic Electrocardiogram (ECG)


The Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers course aims to provide medical and allied health professionals the knowledge and understanding to recognize several life-threatening emergencies and; the essential skills to manage them in a safe, timely and effective manner.

Course is held at our center. Here are the DIRECTIONS to our place.
  • Conducted by experienced instructors from a wide background of clinical practice areas.
  • Instructor led, hands on practical sessions reinforces skills proficiency.
  • Participants who successfully completes the course and assessment requirements are awarded a certificate of completion.
  • Anatomy and electrophysiology
  • Operating an ECG machine
  • Systematic rhythm analysis
  • Rhythms originating from the SA node
  • Rhythms originating from the atria
  • Rhythms originating from the AV junction
  • Rhythms originating from the ventricles
  • Heart blocks
Primary audience:
  • Doctors
  • Assistant Medical Officers
  • Nurses
  • Allied-health personnel who work with ECGs
Successful certification requires a certain standard of competence in practical ability and theoretical understanding. As such, participants will be assessed by the following modes:
  • Written assessment
  • Participants are required to read the student manual prior to the course.
Instruction Medium
  • English
Participant who successfully fulfill the assessment requirements be eligible for a certificate of completion from UNIMAS.
  • 2-days
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